The Evolution of an Inspired Creator

I am a creator. I am happiest when I’m creating. I feel connected, whole and complete. I feel a sense of commitment and contribution. I feel worthy and valuable. I doesn’t matter what I create. I might create a meal, a dress, a painting, a poem, or a song or a dance. I might bake […]

When Multi-tasking Makes Good Sense – How To Repurpose Even the Simplest Story for Authentic Marketing

What a beautiful day! Some days I find it’s so easy to glide through my morning rituals and set powerful intentions for the day, and sometimes it’s not. Today started out as one of those “not so easy” days, and then… Poof!  it switched to a day full of exciting possibilities. Magic? Not really. Awareness. […]

Expressing Gratitude: The Lost Practice of Writing Thank You Notes…

When was the last time you hand wrote a thank you note? Recently I had the pleasure of writing quite a few of them, and in the process I had the thought that, like letter writing, the practice of writing thank you notes may be a dying art.  Seriously, do any of you still own […]

Gratitude Revisited…with Courage.

If you’ve participated in any of my journal workshops or have been reading my posts for a while, you know that there was a time I was petrified to write. I was paralyzed by the belief that the written word had a permanence and power, with consequences that I could only see as negative. There […]

The Secret to Living as a Wise Well Woman Revealed

Are there secrets to being a wise, well woman? Am I a wise, well woman? And for that matter, what is a wise, well woman? When can I consider myself a wise, well woman?  Do I earn that designation somehow and do I have to be "old" to be wise? Maybe when I'm old, someone […]

Yes, You Can Have IT All!

Do you remember that famous phrase, ladies, “You can have it all!”? Mary Kay has a book by that title, Gloria Steinem encouraged us to reach for it, and even Oprah has been quoted as saying it, “just not at the same time”. Yes, over the years I have believed I could accomplish lots of things. […]