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This journey is about finding joy in every day as you create a life expanded through work that you love.

Take your first guided steps toward choosing to walk along this path -- your unique path-- in a deliberate way.

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Confessions of a Recovering Stress Junkie

In the week that I was preparing my first newsletter in 2009, I was inspired by my mastermind group. I heard, in the voices of some of my group members, the same anxious and stressed tone that had become such a familiar pattern for me... I admit it -- I am a recovering stress and adrenaline junkie. And, here's what I know for sure as a result... My apparent "natural" ability to handle and control large projects, … [Read More...]


The 5 C’s of Consciously Creating Change

For many years, my personal journey had been full of stops and starts and lots of travelling in circles. Today, I know that fear and chronic “busy-ness” paralyzed me,preventing me from making positive changes in my life. I was very good at looking like I was taking action but I was only scratching the surface, unwilling to do the real “work” of moving beyond my comfort zone. Today I know that I was avoiding consciously … [Read More...]

Find Your Voice

How to Tune in to Your Intuition

Baby Step #5:   Tune In to Your Intuition  “When you really listen to yourself, you can heal yourself.”- Ceanne Derohan  I believe that each of us has a voice, a quiet inner wisdom that speaks to us regularly. This voice is our inner guidance – the barometer that keeps us aligned with our authentic self. The trouble is that most of us aren’t listening. We aren’t listening because we haven’t learned to quiet … [Read More...]

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Can Creativity and Discipline Co-Exist?

For the past few years, my personal mission has been to present my most authentic self to world each and every day. My authentic self is my most creative self, and yet, seemingly in contradiction to my mission, I am a successful operations manager now committed to the life of an entrepreneur as a business consultant. As […]

Finding Your Truth thru Relationship 101: Love First

Sunday night is “Live Your Truth” night for me. LYT is a twitter chat f.ree event, #lytchat,  hosted by @elizabethpw. Last night’s conversation centered on “finding your truth”.  And the first thought that came to mind was, “I think my truth found me”. Then I allowed it, explored and expanded it, and now, I nurture […]

Tell me, please, what do you expect from a coach?

A few weeks ago I began the first in a series of courses I am taking on my quest to become a Certified Creativity Coach through the Creativity Coaching Association. Each week we are asked thought provoking questions and required to post our responses for the group to see. This week, as I wrote my […]

Louise Hay Celebrates Her Birthday by Giving Us a Gift

Louise Hay is turning 85 this week, and she’s celebrating by giving us all a special gift of a 50% discount on her collection of books, cards, recordings and affirmation decks. I can’t even remember how many years ago I picked up my first copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. For […]

Personality in Color – How Cool!

Thanks to Tara Joyce at ElasticMind, and the blog “The Rise of the Innerpreneur” (more on that later…) I found this really fun, new, free tool that highlights your personality traits in color, PersonalDNA.com. If you’re like me, and you’re making your way in the world shaping your work around who you ARE, rather than […]

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Inspirations from Nature & Springtime Creative Musings

Spring is in the air! Even here in South Florida, we’re inspired by that sense of renewal and re-birth that comes with Spring equinox. Migrating birds flutter through my yard, and despite the early dry heat this year, tiny flowers are blooming. The grass, dormant for most of the winter, is starting to grow again, […]

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Stepping UP! Beyond Baby Steps…

It’s been 20 months since I was “released” from my job and career of 25 years, and committed to never going back to work for someone else again. And boy, does that scare me. Still. In fact, fear stopped me in my tracks again this month, and it took everything I have learned and know […]

I Can Do It by Louise Hay

How to Change Your Life in 3 Minutes a Day

I can’t even remember how many years ago I picked up my first copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. For many women like me, that book was an introduction to the possibility that we can begin to change our lives by simply changing how we think and what we say to ourselves. Considered […]

From Platform to Profit

Guest Post: The Basics of Content Syndication by Dr. Rachna Jain

The Basics of Content Syndication is a guest post by Dr. Rachna Jain of  Profitable Popularity. Content syndication is a hot topic in social media, and there is a lot of confusion about what it is, and how to do it. In the most basic sense, content syndication refers to the process of efficiently distributing […]

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts 2 Giveaway Offers 500+ FREE Products, Services & Memberships

Twice per year an amazing gift giveaway occurs online in the Health and Wellness arena. On this site you can download 100’s of self help gifts. This giveaway is perfectly aligned with the needs of the Wise Well Women community. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE! If you’ve had enough of […]

Why? Because I can!

When I pay attention, I hear the lessons I am intended to learn. Here’s how a dose of pure love, some hope & faith, and a special flower conquered my limiting beliefs.

Peace. Hope. Love. Faith. Doodle

When Multi-tasking Makes Good Sense – How To Repurpose Even the Simplest Story for Authentic Marketing

What a beautiful day! Some days I find it’s so easy to glide through my morning rituals and set powerful intentions for the day, and sometimes it’s not. Today started out as one of those “not so easy” days, and then… Poof!  it switched to a day full of exciting possibilities. Magic? Not really. Awareness. […]

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