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Here I honor your uniqueness, your creative essence. I hope to inspire and encourage you to unveil your most authentic self so you will never again shy away from sharing your gifts with the world and receive bountiful reward in return.

• Connect to Your Capacity to Love • Claim Your Vision of Hope in the World • Grow Your Faith in Limitless Possibilities • Re-connect to Your Creative Energy

Find Your Inner Wisdom and Discover Your Dreams

This journey is about finding joy in every day as you create a life expanded through work that you love.

Take your first guided steps toward choosing to walk along this path -- your unique path-- in a deliberate way.

Nanette Saylor

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for Serenity & Success Seeking Women

Being Love. Sharing Hope. Creating Dreams.

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IMG_1700(1) Seed the Day

Overwhelmed? Stuck? Creative Play Makes Progress!

There is nothing more inspiring to me than to watch a curious young child at play, exploring something new. I know that I am witnessing pure joy -- the joy of creating. As the little girl begins, even if it's somewhat timidly at first, she carries no preconceived notions of what she is supposed to do, or what the result has to become. She ventures into this new experience because her instinct to explore is keen. … [Read More...]

Certified Coach Creativity Coaching Association Logo

Curious about Creativity Coaching?

I'm often asked, what is a creativity coach? A coach in any focus area or discipline is someone who supports you and guides you in the transition from where you are now to where you want to go.  A creativity coach is one who helps people who create with every aspect of their lives and businesses, understanding that creative people and creative businesses are different. Creativity Coaching is life coaching for … [Read More...]


9th Annual Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway

ATTENTION! Get Hundreds of FREE Personal Growth and Business Building Products, Services & Memberships Absolutely FREE! Have I got some exciting news for you today! You can now get instant access to 100s of downloadable self help gifts at NO COST to yourself. Yep, you heard me right...for FREE! All you have to do is go here: http://selfimprovementgifts.com/go/19 So, if you have found yourself going round in … [Read More...]

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Baby Steps in the Sand

GRATITUDE SALE: 12 Baby Steps Audio, eBook & Resource Guide

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As I celebrate & give thanks, I’m sharing my gratitude with you. Add The 12 Baby Step Foundation Formula Audio, eBook & Resource Guide to your self-care collection and you’ll have all the steps, downloads and resources in one place.

From the office of Oprah Winfrey, an Exclusive Invitation…

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Once embarrased by her inability to answer the question “What I know for sure…”, Oprah shares her TOP 10 answers here.

L.O.V.E. Singers

L.O.V.E. Let One Voice Emerge

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My New Year’s Wish for All —  Let Your Voice Be Heard!   As I wrote my intentions for this year, and uploaded them to the blogpost, The Answer is Always Love, I found a truly uplifting video, featuring Siedah Garrett, Fergie, and others. For me, the message is timeless and universal and so perfectly […]


A Surprise Discovery – Wisdom for a Lifetime in “Conversations with God”

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Every now and then I discover a book that immediately captures my attention. Not since I haphazardly picked up "Facing Co-Dependence" by Pia Melody 5 years ago this month, have I felt so certain I was intended to find a book. "Conversations with God" has profoundly altered my mindset. Finally my nagging questions about why […]


How to Hit the Reset Button on Your Word-of-the-Year

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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I am a big fan of Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool. I’ve been using it personally for years and I strongly recommend this intentional practice for all Wise Well Women. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t worry… it’s not too late. […]

Confessions of a Stress Junkie

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The week I was preparing for my first newsletter last September, I was inspired by my MM group, hearing in the voices of the members the same anxious and stressed tone that had become such a familiar pattern for me. I heard the voice of my previous identity. I am a recovering stress and adrenaline junkie.

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Big Island Hawaiian Fern Bud Image

Ask. Believe. Receive. A Wise Well Woman’s Daily Declaration.

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Today I begin anew. I open my heart. I release all judgment and detach from all meaning. I accept simply, “I am.” Today I release control. I discard my limiting beliefs. I ask for guidance and support. I accept that I am worthy, and I allow myself to receive. Today I take inspired action. I […]

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Defined

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This quick blogpost by Keith Collins declares Health, Wealth & Wisdom the milestones on our personal spiritual development journey. Follow this path to contentment, fulfillment & joy.

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Yes, You Can Have IT All!

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Do you remember that famous phrase, ladies, “You can have it all!”? Mary Kay has a book by that title, Gloria Steinem encouraged us to reach for it, and even Oprah has been quoted as saying it, “just not at the same time”. Yes, over the years I have believed I could accomplish lots of things. […]

Thank You Note with Pen

Expressing Gratitude: The Lost Practice of Writing Thank You Notes…

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When was the last time you hand wrote a thank you note? Recently I had the pleasure of writing quite a few of them, and in the process I had the thought that, like letter writing, the practice of writing thank you notes may be a dying art.  Seriously, do any of you still own […]

Love First…

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Today, tomorrow…this year, next year…forever… “the answer is always LOVE.” Thanks to Ellie Drake of Braveheart Woman for sharing this beautiful video capturing Siedah Garrett’s perfect expression of love.

The Call for Conscious Marketing

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Creativity Catalyst, Bill Baren, wrote a thought provoking blog post this week that compelled me to stop and re-commit publicly to what Bill called conscious marketing.  I’ve been following Bill Baren and his work for a while now. His blogline “The Creative Intersection of Life and Business” really speaks to me. So his post this […]

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