The Writers Retreat

3 Reasons Why You Need to Attend a Writer’s Retreat

Elinor Robin, Ph.D., my friend, baby step believer, and Wise Well Woman, is a prolific writer. She writes for Huffington Post, authored her first book in 2014, "The Professional Woman's Guide to Conflict Management", and is published regularly in myriads of mediation and training publications. Yet, somehow finishing the proposal for the second book she's dreamed about is not coming easy to her. So, she's decided to hold a writer's retreat and she's invited me to join her, along with Lisa … [Read More...]


The BIG O: Secrets Revealed

I've learned that life mastery is all about self-discovery. When I was willing to peel back the covers enough to expose my truths, self-discovery began for me. The secrets of "the BIG O" were revealed. Before that, the BIG O was ruling my life. I was preoccupied and distracted by it. Sometimes, I was even paralyzed by it. Yet, I continued to feed my desire with more and more, oblivious to the consequences. To the outside world, everything appeared to be "just fine". But, behind closed … [Read More...]

IMG_1700(1) Seed the Day

Stuck? Creative Play Makes Progress!

There is nothing more inspiring to me than to watch a curious young child at play, exploring something new. I know that I am witnessing pure joy -- the joy of creating. As the little girl begins, even if it's somewhat timidly at first, she carries no preconceived notions of what she is supposed to do, or what the result has to become. She ventures into this new experience because her instinct to explore is keen.  And the experience transports her into whole new worlds, full of smiles and … [Read More...]

Certified Coach Creativity Coaching Association Logo

Curious about Creativity Coaching?

I'm often asked, what is a creativity coach? A coach in any focus area or discipline is someone who supports you and guides you in the transition from where you are now to where you want to go.  A creativity coach is one who helps people who create with every aspect of their lives and businesses, understanding that creative people and creative businesses are different. Creativity Coaching is life coaching for creative people or business coaching for creators or a combination of the … [Read More...]


9th Annual Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway

ATTENTION! Get Hundreds of FREE Personal Growth and Business Building Products, Services & Memberships Absolutely FREE! Have I got some exciting news for you today! You can now get instant access to 100s of downloadable self help gifts at NO COST to yourself. Yep, you heard me right...for FREE! All you have to do is go here: So, if you have found yourself going round in circles time and time again just trying to improve things in your life, … [Read More...]


Confessions of a Recovering Stress Junkie

In the week that I was preparing my first newsletter in 2009, I was inspired by my mastermind group. I heard, in the voices of some of my group members, the same anxious and stressed tone that had become such a familiar pattern for me... I admit it -- I am a recovering stress and adrenaline junkie. And, here's what I know for sure as a result... My apparent "natural" ability to handle and control large projects, multi-layered strategies, emergency situations, and rapidly changing … [Read More...]


The 5 C’s of Consciously Creating Change

For many years, my personal journey had been full of stops and starts and lots of travelling in circles. Today, I know that fear and chronic “busy-ness” paralyzed me,preventing me from making positive changes in my life. I was very good at looking like I was taking action but I was only scratching the surface, unwilling to do the real “work” of moving beyond my comfort zone. Today I know that I was avoiding consciously choosing to change because I was scared of the unknown, and I did not have … [Read More...]

Find Your Voice

How to Tune in to Your Intuition

Baby Step #5:   Tune In to Your Intuition  “When you really listen to yourself, you can heal yourself.”- Ceanne Derohan  I believe that each of us has a voice, a quiet inner wisdom that speaks to us regularly. This voice is our inner guidance – the barometer that keeps us aligned with our authentic self. The trouble is that most of us aren’t listening. We aren’t listening because we haven’t learned to quiet the noise that engulfs us and to create space for new energy to flourish. You … [Read More...]

Journal Writing

Treasures Found in My Journal

Yesterday, I discovered a journal given to me at a conference I attended last year. Today I opened it, and began to read my notes. To my surprise, I found the notes of enlightening conversations with my Inner Mentor, and a poem I'd forgotten I'd even written. Sometimes, I find treasures in my old journals. Today is one of those days. So, if you haven't flipped through the tattered pages of an old journal in while, I hope you'll make a cup of tea, and spend some time with your wise … [Read More...]

I Can Do It by Louise Hay

How to Change Your Life in 3 Minutes a Day

I can’t even remember how many years ago I picked up my first copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. For many women like me, that book was an introduction to the possibility that we can begin to change our lives by simply changing how we think and what we say to ourselves. Considered by many to be the “mother of the modern self-help movement”, Louise Hay continues to teach me the power of positive affirmations, and more! She is truly a wise, well, woman. Most recently, I’ve been … [Read More...]