Becoming a Wise Well Woman

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Stop for a moment. Consider where you are and who you’d like to be…

You are on a journey– YOUR life’s journey— and it is as unique and special as you are.

You are exactly where you are intended to be in this moment. You are ready to re-awaken your dreams.

  • This is a journey of creative recovery and self-discovery, away from a life riddled with chaos, worry and stress to a life  filled with love, faith, abundance and hope.
  • It’s about re-committing to make yourself a priority, renewing your strength and re-igniting your passion.
  • It’s about adopting a practice of self-care, committing to your personal and spiritual development.
  • It’s about connecting to your inner wisdom, getting to know yourself again and about becoming the unique, authentic woman that you know you can be.
  • It’s about claiming your worth, so that you can share your gifts with the universe and receive your rewards in return.
  • It’s about finding courage to explore all life’s possibilities.

Your Time is Now… Receive Immediate Support

I am here, this blog site exists, to support your transformation and evolution. Spend time browsing the site. I share and write articles full of life lessons, business building tips, and sometimes random creative thoughts, too. At the bottom of this page you’ll find links to some of my most popular posts to get you started. Subscribe to the blog to be sure to catch all the new content as it is posted.

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When you connect to the community of Wise Well Women, you are opening yourself to receive the support of hundreds of women just like you. You will move into this phase of your journey wrapped in the energy of collaboration and cooperation. You’ll never be alone again.

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You are here because something deep inside is telling you that you need to create change.  A feeling compelled you to read on. Something connected you to my words and the images on these pages.

I believe there are no accidents– you were drawn here to receive the support you are craving. I encourage you to act on your instincts. You have taken your first steps, the support you’ve been looking for is here, so let’s stay connected and please, read on!

FREE Coaching Support and more…

I share my experience and strength as a teacher, mentor, writer and workshop facilitator. I call myself your Possibility Partner. I believe everyone deserves to experience a life full of joy and there is no reason for you not to try.

My passion is nurturing the creative essence in women like you through one-on-one private coaching. I believe everyone has the potential to move through her fears to be her very best with the right support. As we co-create our highly intuitive relationship your VIP program becomes as unique as you are. At the core of all of my beliefs is a foundation I created called 12 Baby Steps Coaching: The 12 Baby Steps Foundation Formula for Creating More Clarity, Serenity & Success.  

Each month, I reserve a limited number of spaces for personal 30 minute FREE Discovery & Clarity Sessions. These First Steps Breakthrough phone sessions are one-on-one with me and intended to provide you with an introduction to the benefits of coaching and your best next steps.  Request a spot before they’re all gone. This is my “pay-it-forward” gift to the world, no obligations.

Curious about coaching?

Then, this is your opportunity to find out what you’re missing and to receive free support that might just be the change you’ve been waiting for. Schedule your free session today. You will not be pressured into anything. There is no obligation to you beyond your intention to benefit from the experience.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You are invited to take your next step toward change through a FREE 12-part audio e-course, delivered in simple, short messages direct to your inbox, when you simply register at And yes, I encourage you to pass it along to friends and family, too.

Last but not least, I know you’re busy, so I’ve created some homestudy, self-guided workbooks and e-courses, too, that are packed full of value. Years of study and countless hours have gone into gathering and packaging this information in a way that I believe will support you on your journey.

I am a huge fan of journaling and teach about it’s value always. Many of my products feature the practice of journal writing, like my newest addition, “The Art of Journaling to Grow Your Business”. You will learn to tap into your creative essence so that you can become a productive and fulfilled life and business partner. You will carry yourself out of the chaos, clutter and craziness into a state of serenity you’ve never experienced, and you’ll finally begin to make real progress toward your dreams.

Are You Ready To Begin?

Life does not have to be so hard!

You don’t have to wait until your crazy-making patterns create a true crisis to begin changing your life. You can learn from my mistakes.

Believing I had to go it alone was my single biggest mistake. Reach out, connect to other women and ask for help when you need it. I am here to guide you to take baby steps today to make it possible for you to stop the “merry-go-round”, get out of your own way and take your life back!

I’m here to help you stop “doing”, so you can begin “being” the Wise Well Woman you already are!

To find out more about how to connect with me, Nanette Saylor, and begin experiencing the support of my simple 12 Baby Steps Coaching Program, send an email to that includes “I’m ready- tell me more” in the subject line and I’ll send you additional information right away.

Don’t forget, let’s stay connected, OK? (I’m on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, too.)

I wish for you all you dream and more!





P.S. Many women like you tell me they spend hours browsing this site when they first find it. They feel so understood and supported by the words they read that they can’t turn away.

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