How to Change Your Life in 3 Minutes a Day

I Can Do It by Louise Hay

I can’t even remember how many years ago I picked up my first copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. For many women like me, that book was an introduction to the possibility that we can begin to change our lives by simply changing how we think and what we say to ourselves. Considered […]

How to Hit the Reset Button on Your Word-of-the-Year


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I am a big fan of Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool. I’ve been using it personally for years and I strongly recommend this intentional practice for all Wise Well Women. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t worry… it’s not too late. […]

7 Simple Ways to Clear the Path for More Peace in Your Life

Peaceful Smiling Woman Flowers

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Baba Ram Dass   I have learned that to grow, I must clear space for my inner wisdom to flourish. In my physical world I must clear the clutter, and in my mind, I must quiet what I call the noise in my head. This practice, […]

Phenomenal Woman Tribute

thumbnail.aspx Maya

  There are just a few women in the world who I believe represent in entirety the essence of the Wise Well Woman persona in human form. Maya Angelou is one of these women. To honor and pay tribute to this amazing woman, I reprint her poem, Phenomenal Woman, here. I hope that all the women […]

Refreshing Spring – Joy-filled Revival and Renewal


There’s an energy about Springtime that’s contagious… bright, cheery and fresh. All things Spring make me smile! Grounded, I allow myself to feel part of this glorious cycle of renewal. This year, I claimed the word “refresh” for my word of the year. (For more on how to claim your word of the year, click here.) […]

5 Quick Tips for Getting into the Groove

Stop for a moment and observe… Notice movement, action, stillness and pulse. You will soon discover there is an ebb and flow — a groove — to everything in a cyclical pattern that is not random. The sun rises and falls, as does the moon. The tides shift in and out. Birds migrate as the […]