How to Set Powerful Intentions Each Day as Shared by Christine Kane

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You know I’m a huge fan of Christine Kane. Her message today is so closely aligned with our 12 Baby Steps Coaching intention that I just had to share it. Morning rituals will change your life. If I can do it, so can you! ************************************************************ If You Want a Powerful Day, Create a Personal Morning […]

Love First…

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Today, tomorrow…this year, next year…forever… “the answer is always LOVE.” Thanks to Ellie Drake of Braveheart Woman for sharing this beautiful video capturing Siedah Garrett’s perfect expression of love.

Finding Peace, Faith and Love in the New Year

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End of year rituals have become a fulfilling part of my self-care and business-care practice over the past few years. Making a real attempt to clear my office of the previous year (OK, I’ll be honest….years….) of collected clutter is one of them. I always find hidden gems. There is nothing more uplifting than the […]

GRATITUDE SALE: 12 Baby Steps Audio, eBook & Resource Guide

Baby Steps in the Sand
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As I celebrate & give thanks, I’m sharing my gratitude with you. Add The 12 Baby Step Foundation Formula Audio, eBook & Resource Guide to your self-care collection and you’ll have all the steps, downloads and resources in one place.

Become a Master of Your Authentic Business Marketing

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Yes, you CAN! Become a Master of Your Authentic Business Marketing.
And it all begins with keeping what I call a Baby Steps Business Journal. Step Up and begin today.

Stepping Up to Get Out of My Own Way!

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Have you ever wondered how come so many people are doing so well in their businesses, practically doubling or tripling their income every year – and others keep scraping by, trying to make ends meet? How does that work? Is it about luck, or being super-talented, or drop-dead gorgeous? Nope. None of the above. So […]