Coaching Works: Discover, Clarify and Align with Your True Self

I’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.
~Leo Buscaglia

I was first introduced to Leo Buscaglia, the author of the 1972 ground-breaking classic titled simply “LOVE”, at the age of 19.

That was a magical time for me, full of new awakenings and expansion.Heart Ornament on the beach

And there began the blossoming of my truest knowing, the ignition of a flame that would smolder untended for 25 years.

Today, that seems like a lifetime ago…

My journey has led me along many paths  – some overflowing with tremendous joy, and some buried in the deepest sorrows.

What I know for sure, is that all paths led me here, to this time and place and awareness, that I am here to serve as a beacon and support for others, as the Founder of the community of Wise Well Women and the creator of 12 Baby Steps Coaching.

Ask. Believe. Receive.I have been blessed with the evolution of this gift of knowing that simply being in a state of love for all, with no judgment, is my calling. Sharing the message of hope and transformation that comes from learning to live in that state of joy and peace is my vocation. The smoldering flame, first called into being by the words of Leo Buscaglia, has been re-ignited with a passion.

I am a Possibility Partner & Creativity Coach, and I honor and respect all people for who they are as unique beings, filled with dreams and desires that are wholly their own.

As a coach I help my clients engage in internal dialogue that reconnects them to the things that bring them joy — the things that make them smile. I support them to gather the courage to ask and answer difficult, self-reflecting, questions. Those questions lead them to discoveries of the things that keep them stuck. This combination of the elimination of blocks and the ignition of desire provides the catalyst for significant change, manifesting the life they have always dreamed they would live.  

Together we create a new and sustainable reality.

And it all begins with baby steps.

I serve to cheer my clients on as they timidly stretch beyond their comfort zones as they get started. With practice and support, they gain confidence, and become more self-assured, and I hold them accountable as they create ever more challenging paths, and they step into their greatest visions for themselves.

Soon they are reaching milestones they never dreamed possible!

The goal of 12 Baby Steps Coaching is to provide the framework for any woman to create her personalized self-care and mindset mastery program — what I call her “toolkit” — so that she will maintain her strength and resolve to create her very best life.

Once they have begun to integrate the baby steps philsophy into their daily actions, they move into the next phase – what we like to call “Beyond Baby Steps”.

Participants at the Beyond Baby Steps level have:

  • Built Confidence from Within
  • Identified Core Values
  • Uncovered Their Passions
  • Eliminated Stressors
  • Strengthened Relationships
  • Engaged New People
  • Transitioned to Healthier Eating
  • Travelled More
  • Learned New Skills
  • Grown Their Businesses
  • Discovered More Time
  • Set Realistic Goals for their Futures

“I just wanted to share where I am on the magnificent journey you are ‘holding my hand’ on. You are helping me to gain the clarity and courage that I need!  Thank you Nanette, I knew I needed someone to listen and to guide me, not just anyone. You have done so with patience and compassion and I am truly grateful.”

– Shirley Ann, Beyond Baby Steps participant and Giant Leap private coaching client

Beyond Baby Steps LogoIf you are interested in learning more about 12 Baby Steps Coaching and how you might use these tools to support your success, request an invitation to experience a free 1 hour Discovery & Clarity Session by sending an email to with “I’m interested in 12 Baby Steps Coaching – please tell me more” in the subject line and I’ll reply personally.  And, if you haven’t already started the free self-study course, you’ll receive a registration form for that, too.

Follow your heart.

Take inspired action.

Honor your calling.

And if you have any hesitation, please reach out to me via email,, right this minute, and share with me whatever is on your mind. Don’t let a simple unanswered question hold you back from living your dreams.

You are a beautiful, unique and passionate women — truly a Wise Well Woman!

The world deserves to share in your gifts–

Nanette Saylor Signature


P.S.  If you have read this blogpost all the way to the end, congratulate yourself for your willingness to follow your heart and to listen to your Inner Voice as it encourages you to keep reading. Now, take your next step and request your free Discovery & Clarity Session here. 

About Nanette Saylor

Nanette Saylor is known as the Creativity Curator and a Possibility Partner for visionary women who are consciously creating their lives and transforming the lives of the people they serve. She is the founder of Wise Well Women, a company committed to the empowerment of all women, leading them on a revolutionary journey to define, discover and create joy-filled living- and to redefine success on their terms.

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