Guest Post: How Can You Inspire Others?

As we reflect on the year past, enjoy the celebrations of the present and prepare for the New Year, now is the perfect time to consider who we intend to be and how we relate to others. Wise Well Women community member, Brenda Lyttle sent over this guest blog post, titled “How Can You Inspire Others?” that is perfect to share here today.

Brenda Lyttle HeadshotHow Can You Inspire Others?  by Brenda Lyttle

Everyone, no matter what their age maybe, has that one person in their life who never fails to inspire them to reach greater heights. This is something that you have been lucky to have bestowed on you as a child through the years and it is time that you step up and take up the role of an inspirational elder to someone else. But is it that easy to inspire another human being? Will saying big motivational speeches and doing some socially responsible work be enough to inspire them? Well, the answer is a straight forward no. You will need to go through the following 2 tips and incorporate them completely in order to be the inspirational person you have always wanted to be:

  1. Stick To What YOU Want And Love

One of the biggest mistakes that you can end up committing when you are out to inspire others is to try and modify yourself to the audience’s demand thus losing touch with your inner originality. This is why it is recommended by almost every successful and noteworthy inspirational speaker that the first step of being inspiring is to stick to what you yourself want and love dearly and not divert from it in the face of criticism.

While on the road to inspirational pinnacle you will find many friends and enemies equally skeptical about your ventures and discrediting the same by terming it as childlike but you must never back down and continue doing and inspiring in the avenue that you hold a special corner for. Only when you are talking and preaching about something that you yourself love dearly, can you become a true inspirational person.

  1. Aim For The Top While Being Noble

One of the most important aspects of inspiring others is to reach a position where people will start looking up to you and seek your inspiration in their ventures. This is why it is extremely important that you aim for the top and dream big in order to be able to successfully motivate and inspire a number of people. If you are glad with being an inspirational figure to a mere few, you will never be able to become an iconic inspirational figure. Instead try and inspire hundreds of people at a time by expanding your operations. Only then can you be a true inspiration to many.

While implementing this idea it is important that you remain firm on your noble grounds of ethics and morals. Failure to adhere to the same will bring down your credibility as an inspirational figure and soon you will find more people leaving your inspirational abode than those coming in and seeking inspiration. Remember that a true inspirer is above the various malice of the society. You can reaffirm this stand by ensuring that you are associated with a noble cause like working for the homeless and doing something for mother earth.

Once you start following these 2 tips to the word, you will soon find that being an inspirational figure is not as difficult as previously perceived to be. To improve your thinking patterns and incorporate more positivity in your life and others, reading inspirational quotes can be of great help.

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