I Believe… in “BE-ing”

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Wow- I just love the fact that I can ride the wave of the energy of spending three days with the most amazing women, and a few special men, at the “Be EnergyRICH Your Soul-ution for Marketing Success Retreat” through the inspirational theme song “I Believe”. And, even better, that through the power of the internet, youtube, and a creative “fan” of the movie, I can share it with you. Enjoy!

Special note: you’ll have to follow the link to YouTube to see it, which almost stopped me from posting it…but I just loved this version, so click over to view it. (Just come back here when you’re done, to browse some more, OK?)



  1. Nanette, aloha. That was amazing! I could feel the energy pulsating as I watched the clip. In fact, I had to stand up and move around as I watched it. Thx so much for sharing it. Aloha. Janet

  2. Yes, I just had to post this video…couldn’t help sharing it. Glad you enjoyed it, too.

  3. Truly an exceptional video, very moving (and groovy). Thanks for sharing. :)

    Keep the smiles,

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