Kreativ Blogger Award continues…

So earlier this week I opened my InBox to find that I was the recipient of a Kreativ Blogger Award.

You can imagine my surprise. Thank you to Valerie K Owens for selecting me to receive this prestigious award.

Kreativ Blogger Award

And now, in honor of my award, tradition requires me to not only list 10 other bloggers worth mentioning, but share with you 10 things you are most likely not to know about me!

Oh, this might be fun!

So, in no particular order, here are 10 bloggers I highly recommend you keep on eye on…and then you’ll get to browse through my fun references to 10 things you probably didn’t know about me.

I’d love to hear from you– what were you expecting me to say that I didn’t include? Or what should I have omitted?

Ah well– it’s all good fun. And mostly, I get to continue to expand the blogosphere and the reach of all of us. Yippee!


1. Allison Turner

Allison’s recently begun her beautiful photography blog and
added awesome thought provoking dialogue to go along with it.
What a pleasure.

2. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
EPW as she’s known in Twitterville, has
been at this for a while…she just keeps
getting better and better. “Live Your Truth”
is her message. She’s the real deal. Join her.

3. Helen Raptoplous.
Helen has a spirit that is unstoppable.She serves entrepreneurs to take action on
the things that matter most. Follow her as
she leads you on the ride of your life!

4. Heather Stephens.
Unleash the Clever Marketer in You!
Heather is amazingly clever! And her comment sharing and blog support
community is the best.

5. Jessica Kizorek
Jessica is dynamite! It’s hard for me to
believe she’s just turned 30. You want to
stay connected to this powerhouse.Talk about an empowering message.

Join me and become one of us–– Join the movement today!

6. Christina Kunkle

Christina is such a gentle, caring soul. And
her blog is so full of that compassion.
Connect with her to receive the heartfelt
support that only Christina can give.

7. Stephanie Mojica, Prosperity Coach
Are you serious about making a living in an
online business? Stephanie shares her
trials and tribulations as only a professional
writer can. You can learn lots here.

8. Michelle Villalobos,
Young, beautiful and brilliant marketer
whose got a wealth of experience, expertise
and awesome insight to share. This is a girl
to watch!

9.  Maribel Jimenez
Maribel is a dynamic business coach with
lots to share. Maribel works with Heart-
based Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and
Consultants to create powerful  strategies
and marketing materials. And she can help
you with your book, too. Her advice is second to none!

10. Joanna Lindenbaum
Joanna does an awesome job of sharing the
writings of some amazing guest bloggers.
But don’t let that fool you- Joanna’s writing
is top notch. And her soulful coaching style
is so refreshing and cathartic.  I wish you
well, Joanna. You’re the best!

Enjoy connecting to these fantastic women-  I know I do!

And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…

10 Things You Don’t Know About Nanette

1. Assigned the task of choosing three potential careers from a list of 200,
in the 10th grade, I chose Park Ranger, Hotel Manager, and Doctor…

2. And I became a Hotel Manager, for 25+ years.

3. At 16 I was a certified JMG – Junior Maine Guide. And a canoeing specialist.
And yes, I can swing an axe with precision.

4. I dine by candlelight with the man I love on average at least 4 nights per week.
It’s one of my most cherished rituals.

5. I am a proud registered DAR – Daughter of the American Revolution.

6. You’d probably never know it, but I’d give anything to be able to live
as a young adult during the 60’s– I’m a closet flower child– a true Aquarian.
Give me peace signs, tie dye and embroidered blue jeans and I’m in heaven!

7. When dating the love of my life, I passed the certifiable “boat wench test” —
I can pull a 60 lb. anchor from 90 ft of water, don’t get sea sick, bait my own hook,
scrub the deck with the best of the them and can drive the boat, too.

8. And I sing a pretty heartfelt version of “Amazing Grace”.

9. Given the choice, I’d be reincarnated as Diana Ross. Yes, “Lady Sings the Blues” was tragic,
but boy, was Billie Dee Williams HOT!

10. In my eyes, Johnny Depp is a God.

Blog On! And for those of you mentioned here, it’s now your turn, to pass on the award, to 10 new, unsuspecting bloggers, and to share with all of us, 10 fun things you thought we should never know…

Have fun :-)

About Nanette Saylor

Nanette Saylor is known as the Creativity Curator and a Possibility Partner for visionary women who are consciously creating their lives and transforming the lives of the people they serve. She is the founder of Wise Well Women, a company committed to the empowerment of all women, leading them on a revolutionary journey to define, discover and create joy-filled living- and to redefine success on their terms.


  1. Michelle says:

    Wow what an honor, thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you Nannette! Enjoyed reading your post too…I like the candlelight dinners!

  3. Hi Nanette,

    congratulations to winning this award, well deserved. Thanks for sharing your list – isn’t it interesting that I only know Heather ? So you also did a great networking job as well to present new connections.

    I loved your list about what we didn’t know about you, it shows that you are a personality with many qualities. Probably I pick the idea with the candlelight dinner…

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  4. Hi Nanette.

    A hearty congratulations for receiving this award! well done! You certainly deserve the title of ‘Creative Blogger’, award or not…

    I love that you’ve used this opportunity to support and promote some others who you respect and admire in the community. I’ve only connected with Heather so it’s great to have more recommendations of hot bloggers to check out and connect with (thanks for that!)

    And to top it all off you’ve shared a few amazing characteristics about yourself here too… Closet flower child huh?… I always used to dream of being at Woodstock…
    All the best,

  5. Thank you, Jym. Yes, I too, have that dream of re-living Woodstock. You’re reminded me that I need to put attending some of the new music festivals on my “life list”.

  6. Thank you, Oliver. As I shared, candlelight dinners are one of my favorite rituals, and I know it’s one of the main reasons our relationship continues to fluorish. I highly recommend them :-)
    Enjoy expanding your connections-
    Wishing you well-

  7. Hi Nanette,
    Congratulations on the award! We have one thing in common, when I was a teenager I used to wish that I was a teenager in the 60s. I loved so much about that era. I’m sure that my obsession with the B-5s’s had nothing to do with that! :)


  8. Nanette, aloha. CONGRATULATIONS! on winning the Kreativ Award and thank you for the introduction to the new bloggers. Looks like I am in for delightful reading.

    Nanette, I am with you on your dining with candlelight ritual. Even though it is “routine” with us, it never gets old or stale.

    Congrats on being able to select your career at such a young age that you found to be so satisfying.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Aloha. Janet

  9. Congratulations on Kreativ Award, Nanette. You deserve it and thanks for introducing us to some new people.

    There are so many things that i didn’t knew about you, congrats on selecting your career at such a young age.

    Keep up the rocking work and have a great weekend.

  10. And I’m loving that peasant blouses are all back in style, Stacy. We’ll have some fun with this current fashion re-birth, I’m sure. Enjoy! Nanette

  11. Hi Nanette,

    Congratulations and thank you for the list of other bloggers. Like most of the commenters here, I only know Heather!

    I love learning more about you and wow about the boat wench test – you rock!!! Thanks for sharing and again congratulations!

  12. Good morning Diana-
    I always enjoy finding connections to new, interesting people, and the blogosphere is so full of them.
    Fun, isn’t it?!
    If you saw how beautiful the ocean is here today, you’d be telling me I should be fishing instead of computing!
    Enjoy the day-

  13. Hey Nanette,

    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Kreativ Blogger Award! Well deserved! :)

    Thanks for sharing your favourite bloggers – I only know Heather.

    I loved your list about what we didn’t know about you – I know you better now. Candle light dinner 4 nights a week caught my attention, for sure ;). Way to go!

    All the best,

  14. Thank you Mavis, for your continued support and inspiration.
    Wishing you well-

  15. Hi Nanette,

    Congratulations on the award! This is such a fun post – thanks for sharing your list of 10 awesome bloggers, as well as 10 fun things about you!

    Let’s see, every woman loves the candlelight dinner idea, I am impressed with you passing “boat wench test” (you go girl!), and I hope you could share a video of you singing “Amazing Grace” :-)

    I am just glad to know you Nanette. I have watched your video and I can sincerely feel how you truly love life! Thanks for spreading your positive energy with us ;-)

    – Rowena

  16. Thank you, Rowena.
    I enjoy allowing myself to write those lists without over thinking them– fun things come out.
    I’m not sure I’ll be video taping myself singing any time soon, though, but you never know!
    Wishing you well-

  17. I enjoy the theme you have on this website. Is it a paid one available to buy or can it be downloaded for free? Perhaps you had it personalized, either way, it’s lovely!


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