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Nanette Saylor – Facilitator


This formal Bio is just that- a “formal” description of the person, the skills, the traits and some of the experiences of me, Nanette Saylor. Frankly, it doesn’t come close to telling “my story”. It is my hope that the entirety of this blogsite captures my essence. For a little more quick insight into who I am and what I stand for, jump over to About Nanette and Becoming a Wise Well Woman to start. Then browse through the blog topics and pick a couple that resonate with you. Let me know you’ve stopped by, too, by sending me a note, or just commenting on the posts. I’m always available to connect by email or phone.

Now, for the Bio:

Nanette Saylor is a former hospitality executive turned creative business and life coach. Founder of Wise Well Women, Inc., she is committed to providing forward thinking women managers and entrepreneurs with tools to find peace in their lives and prosperity in the businesses.  A keen strategic analyzer whose experience gives her both a thorough understanding of the integrated functions of business operation and how to remain grounded through transition and crisis, Nanette teaches her clients-  creative, high-achieving, women, to prioritize taking care of themselves first, so they can more effectively manage, measure, and project their growth and success.

A graduate of Cornell University’s esteemed School of Hotel Administration, Nanette brings a wealth of experience to her clients. She has worked with large corporate organizations, small companies and owner-operated entities. She has participated in hundreds of hours of leadership and management training, and mentored hundreds of employees. Her previous roles include everything from Customer Service Agent to Chief Operating Officer in a variety of environments. The first woman recognized as “Operator of the Year” for Forte Hotels International in 1992, Nanette has used her ability to assess, adapt and take action calmly and quickly, as an integral component of her managerial and marketing success.

Twenty five years in the workaholic-style hospitality industry taught Nanette that life and work should be more then an out-of-control “to do list” and an out-of-control inbox.   A self confessed stress junkie, Nanette brings her hard won wisdom, a valuable set of eyes and hands, and a unique combination of warmth and polished professionalism to all that she does. Today Nanette is passionate about working with organizations and individuals that support a sustainable economy and enhance community good by embracing the philosophy of overall wellness and “Return on Life”.

Nanette Saylor is the creator of The Wise Well Woman’s Way, a blogsite collection of revelations concerning the journey of life and the road less travelled, among other inspirations.  Through her signature coaching program, The 12 Baby Steps Foundation Formula for Creating More Clarity, Serenity and Success, Nanette helps transition women from chaos to calm by supporting them to rediscover themselves through creative expression. With new found awareness and self-confidence, her clients build on a strong foundation and transform their businesses into lifestyle creations  that support their dreams. Her latest addition to her coaching toolkit is an e-book based on her popular workshop series, The Art of Journaling to Grow Your Business. To learn more about the workshop, click here.

An active community supporter, Nanette is the President of the non-profit Trash to Treasure Creative Re-Use Center, is a former Advisory Board member of  Women That Win and Boca Raton Chapter Leader for the Women’s Wellness Society . She is a member of the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce , a Leadership Broward graduate and a Certified MastHERmind facilitator for Women That Win.  Nanette is a Certified Creativity Coach and an active member of the Creativity Coaching Association. Previously, Nanette has served on the Board of Directors of  The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, The FLL Lodging & Hospitality Association and the Las Olas Association.

A long time resident of South Florida, Nanette lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her life partner, Bill.

When she’s not working, Nanette spends her leisure time creating “treasures” from “trash”, fishing or walking on the beach, cooking, gardening, and hanging out with her amazing daughter, Meredith, who also lives in South Florida.

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