Oprah Did It Again… Inspiration for Your 12 Baby Steps Self-Care Toolkit

"O" The Oprah Magazine - Express Yourself February 2012


There's a reason I continue my monthly subscription to Oprah Magazine, even in today's techie, e-reader world.

I always receive at least one inspirational message of great value to me. And I love sharing them, too.

Be sure to add this creative expression to your 12 Baby Steps Self-care Toolkit.



In the February 2012 Issue of "O" The Oprah Magazine, I found a reference to "You…in Six Words", where four pages of the magazine were dedicated to individuals self expressions of their life stories in six words.

Apparently, back in November 2006, Larry Smith, a writer/editor, asked his SMITH Magazine readers to describe their lives in six words.

This simple blog contest, based loosely on Ernest Hemingway's shortest of short stories, "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn", has grown into an international phenomenon. [You can check it out at smithmag.net]

So if you're ready to give this a try, just begin by telling your life story in six words. That's right…just six words.

Here's what I've got so far, admittedly a little more of a mission statement than a life story, but it's a start:

Being LOVE. Inspiring HOPE. Creating DREAMS.

Go ahead. Take out your journal and give it a try.

Then don't forget to add this exercise into your 12 Baby Steps binder as part of your end of year/beginning of year self-care tools.

Please share your thoughts and your stories here, and then jump over to smithmag.net and share your's there, too.


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Oprah is really one of the most famous and influential people today…

  2. This is one of the magazines that mothers should read. It is not only about entertainment, fashion but also helpful tips for mothers too. It is truly a must read magazine. Ophra Winfrey is one of a kind woman  who stands with her mind and beliefs. I love for that.

  3. Armand, I just love connecting with other Oprah fans. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that I’m stating the obvious, but you’re right… she really is a one of a kind woman who stands with her mind and beliefs, and I admire her for that, too.
    Wishing you well– Nanette


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