Forgiveness and The Tradition of Ho’oponopono

Today I was reminded of how powerful a lesson learning to let go continues to be in my life. And I remember how hard I tried to figure it out – how I struggled to understand what letting go really meant. And I remember the absolute freedom I felt when I finally realized that letting go isn’t an intellectual process. Using the ritual of Ho’oponopono I learned that letting go is about forgiveness and acceptance and love.

Reflections, Intentions and a New Year’s Wish for YOU!

“I’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.”~Leo Buscaglia I was first introduced to the work of Leo Buscaglia, the author of the 1972 ground-breaking classic titled simply “LOVE”, at the age of 19. That […]

The Answer is Always Love

I discovered Siedah Garrett a few years ago, when she sang the song, The Answer is Always Love, at a Braveheart Woman Conference. Recommitting to one of my deepest intentions, to live from a place of LOVE FIRST… no matter what… I’m sharing the lyrics below. [To read my complete intention statement click here]   […]

Coaching Works: Discover, Clarify and Align with Your True Self

I was first introduced to Leo Buscaglia, the author of the 1972 ground-breaking classic titled simply “LOVE”, at the age of 19.
That was a magical time for me, full of new awakenings and expansion.And there began the blossoming of my truest knowing, the ignition of a flame that would smolder untended for 25 years.

Simply Be Love.

On this day, and always, I choose to live my life by the principle of "love first". Combined with learning to define myself by who I am in the world, versus what I do, I now know that there is nothing more powerful than to simply be love. Reflecting on the energy of love this […]

Oprah Did It Again… Inspiration for Your 12 Baby Steps Self-Care Toolkit

  There's a reason I continue my monthly subscription to Oprah Magazine, even in today's techie, e-reader world. I always receive at least one inspirational message of great value to me. And I love sharing them, too. Be sure to add this creative expression to your 12 Baby Steps Self-care Toolkit.     In the […]