Self Mastery 101: Support for Success from Self-Help to Masterminding

Call it what you will — self improvement, personal development, self discovery, life long learning or any of the other names we use in the life & business coaching world — at the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying to live better, be more productive members of society, and contribute to the […]

Become a Master of Your Authentic Business Marketing

Yes, you CAN! Become a Master of Your Authentic Business Marketing.
And it all begins with keeping what I call a Baby Steps Business Journal. Step Up and begin today.

How Can I…?

Funny how the universe works…when I’m paying attention, listening and opening myself up to the messages and lessons I’m meant to hear. Even if it is over and over again! You see, even though I’ve spent many years making personal development a priority in my life and I’ve developed a self-care practice that I know […]

Confessions of a Stress Junkie

The week I was preparing for my first newsletter last September, I was inspired by my MM group, hearing in the voices of the members the same anxious and stressed tone that had become such a familiar pattern for me. I heard the voice of my previous identity. I am a recovering stress and adrenaline junkie.